Covid 19 the disrupter

In 2020 we have a new financial wizard to be controlled to minimise the damage to the finncial world.

We in the finncial world have tackled famines, droughts, earthquacks, bankrupty, downturns, wars, recessions but never a enemy that fails to die.

A multiplier effect that fails to fade away but with each passing day brings up a new face.

How will finance deal with such a enemy that changes, lies low and then explodes without a wimper.

None has a plan , none knows the road ahead, all the best of financial planners can do is find ways to conserve cash.

Keep the survival flag high by maintaining healthy cashflows to sustain this unknown , unseen enemy.

Lets start doing our homework well by planning a slow and steady yet conservative approach to the problem. Yea limit costs but not in panic but by plan.

Design new ways to stay afloat, find the brighter aide to this negative impact.


Slowdown and the green house effect!!

We are reading the growing incidents of various economies struggling to keep afloat, the bigger ones borrowing for the smaller ones. The Dollar touching 70 INR soon, the economic revival is a far sight, RBI statements are a hidden agenda to decipher the true impact. Employment at its low, the worst scenario is the china factor. A economy that makes for the world is heading or showing signs of cracking, is that the demand for the developed nations has crumbled leading to this impact, is it that the running developed large economies have learnt the austerity measures leading to cut down in demand  by such economies and so the trickling effect of the factories in china.

We should be prepared for the volcano called the developed economy to show its signs of hotting up soon, may be the great depression is disguising itself in its signs as the book”alchemist” used to say observe every sign that god sends on your way to your journey!!!


Startup India

“Chaloo Uthoo baghu dauro” the apt old song of the indian Bollywood movie is the rightful owner to the new startup india campaign and the action plan as unveiled by the govt of india.

We shall see the new world order soon in the horizon of the erstwhile golden sparrow of the world now the new Golden Startup of the world. The world for the every hungry idea mind of the tech world has got wings in the form of this new policy.

The broader points are encouraging but the finer points that shall emerge in the days to come shall be the game changer to the aspiring world of startups.

The govt shall be the enabler , the incubator, the funder all rolled into one but with a watchful eye on each fund so doled through the “informed committee” so constituted under the DIPP.

A energetic start to the new year of the startups for India and the world to see us arrive!!



Financial acumen and its righful credit

What is finance is it about only money is a sixth sense to generate wealth or a 4th level to achieve success.
We the accountants trusted with this task to safe guard finance and advice for its multiplicatiin. We are called the community of laxmi the harbinger of wealth.
But inspite of all this do we get the right attention. Do we get the right respect. Do we really earn a place or are just granted a place.

Think dear financial friends, are we to blame ourselves for what we have been placed to be below the function of sales or marketing . Are they more superior to our passion to generate and forsee wealth.

Think think and come up with ways to rethink our place in the financial world…

All the best to think…


The fair value world

What is fair value and how do we measure it. Is it a measure of a method or is it a method that is measured. The meaning of fair value changes with each person and prespective. We the accountants measure it , they the business method it.
So what is fair value then and why is it need to justify each of the transaction or to certify each report.
It is a made to measure arms length that helps in applying a principle to safeguard the interests of the business and the accountant.
A large prespective to a fairly small term called fair value.

The World Of Accountants

A community so well known yet ignored or taken for granted the ones who bear the burden of the truths and the lies yet so ignored. An accountant a word so common amongst our community with varied levels of degree of a beginner to a qualified one. The difference is that of degree and knowledge but the world still treats us as accountants. We bring the society the semblance of mind with the materialistic world but yet feel so ignored at being treated as just munshis of the glorified new world order.

welcome to our world where we shall discuss the nitty gritty of the materialistic world and where and how do we stand to change the world rather India to a new path of resurgence and recovery.